The famous Android game ‘Jetpack Joyride’ is about a man in a suit, our protagonist ‘Barry’. Bursting in a science laboratory and stealing a machine gun jetpack (MGJP) for short. Barry’s aim is to try and get as far as possible inside the laboratory with the help of MGJP and a few other gadgets and vehicles.

But I am not here to bore you with another game review. Today I will enlighten you about how a simple game like this makes use of common HR function, a reward and recognition (RnR for short) program.

Firstly what’s RnR. Reward and recognition is about rewarding someone for their efforts; monetary or otherwise while recognition means recognizing the individual who has exhibited ‘excellent performance’.

But how does a video game do all this. It’s simple really; the game assigns the player ‘missions’ or tasks. These when fulfilled are shown as achievements i.e. the recognition. The player is also simultaneously rewarded with an in-game currency i.e. the reward. This reward itself is used to buy gadgets, vehicles and other accessories facilitating even more gameplay. All this keeps the gamer glued to his smartphone. Hence the RnR program that is implemented in MNCs has now entered the life of the casual gamer.