Psychologists believe that when you meet a new person, within thirty seconds your brain decides whether you like him or not. But how does your brain decide?This is done through the process of impression formation. There are many facets of impression formation, but I feel the most important one without a shred of doubt is the halo effect.

The halo effect states that we possess a tendency to believe that if an individual has one set of positive qualities then he/she must have another set of specific qualities associated with the first set. For eg: If we think a person is ‘tidy’ and ‘punctual’ we are also likely to believe that person is ‘hardworking’.

But how does this help in real life?Whenever you go for an interview or meeting, dress up nicely. The way you dress is very important because the person in front of you would first see how you look, then hear you speak. Thus your dress emanates your halo. You do not have to wear fancy or branded clothes. You just have to dress suitably according to the occasion.