Emotions. What are they? Are they our feelings towards others, a biological response involving hormones or the very expression of our soul.

Regardless, they have a huge importance in our daily lives. We strive to keep happy, an emotion. We avoid anger and sadness, another emotion. But what is the reason for their very existence? Why do we have these ’emotions’ in the first place?

Let us take a hypothetical case of a purely logical being, like a robot. Such a being that is devoid of feelings such as love and attachment would consider self preservation as it’s first and foremost priority. If such a being was to choose between itself and one of its kind, it will always choose itself.

However humans are not fully rational beings. They possess emotions like love and attachment which compel them to undertake pro social behaviours. This pro social behaviour stemming from love and attachment, leads to the act of altruism. This altruism leads them to place their live over others and gives them the power to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Let us once again take up the previous example of the robot. Had a human being be in its place, do you not think it would have rushed to save another human.

Thus, emotions may not be as useful to the individual’s survival but play a larger role in maintaining society and furthering the human race.