Many people including a lot of psychology students indulge in the myth that humans use only 10% of our brain. But in reality, we always use 100% of it all the time. We are able to use only 10% of it consciously  for various mental processes like thinking, reasoning, remembering etc. The other 90% is out of our conscious awareness. This 90% goes in regulation of our bodily processes, co-ordination, hormone secretion, management of sense organs, regulation of heartbeat and other important functions. For example: as you read this blog  your eye lense adjusts its curvature so that the image is formed on the retina. This image is then sent via the optic nerve to the occipital lobe in the brain in the form of electric signals. These signals are interpreted by the brain and pop up in our mind as words. All of this happens in less than a second! Isn’t our brain amazing.

But why is it not possible to use 100% of our brain? After all if we can use more of it we would become sharper and smarter. There is a simple reason behind this. As I have already explained many complex  bodily processes occur unconsciously. If these processes became conscious, it would require tremendous mental effort to regulate one of them, let alone all of them! For example: Let us take a hypothetical case of a man who can use 100% of his brain. Let’s say he is about to eat a burger. For him to take a bite of the burger he must grab it and bring it closer to his mouth. He will have to send signals to the muscles in his arm to contract and expand, and also co-ordinate the sensory information coming from the eyes and the movement of his hand. All of this has to be done simultaneously regulating heartbeat, breathing of lungs, various processes of digestion and metabolism. Sounds quite difficult doesn’t it? I sincerely doubt that the man will ever be able to eat his burger in his entire lifetime.

Hence it is quite clear that being able to consciously use 10% of our brain is a blessing not a curse. It allows us to perform a variety of tasks efficiently without any hassles.