Islam as a way of life outlines a comprehensive model of the human beings that incorporates the spiritual, psychological, emotional and social aspects. According to the Islamic perspective we are spiritual beings who need to cultivate and sustain a connection with our creator, Allah.

The greatest tenet of the Islamic perspective is that psychology and religion cannot be separated. It refuses the assumption of secularity that is followed in psychology and in all sciences in general.

An important concept in the Islamic perspective is the concept of soul. Modern psychology does not validate the existence of the soul. However in Islam the term rooh is used to refer to metaphysical entities such as angels, revelation or divine inspiration. It also used to signify the inner human nature of soul.

The Islamic perspective on psychology states that through our connection with Allah, we experience peace and happiness, an elusive element that humans have strived to achieve since the beginning of their existence.

The key to sound mental health and well being is submission to Allah, the Exalted, the Almighty and his commandments and to subsequently purify the soul.


1.Psychology from the Islamic perspective by Dr. Aisha Utz