While waiting at the red light in your car, have you ever seen that one guy who skips the red light and suddenly the whole crowd follows him. Or maybe you have witnessed the scene at a daycare center when one toddler starts to cry and suddenly every toddler in the room bursts into tears. You might have wondered why this happens.

Is this just a herd mentality? But if it was, why will the entire group break their conformity in the first place.

Psychology has the answer. This phenomenon is termed as Snowball Effect. The name ‘snowball’ comes from the imagining a snowball running downhill, getting bigger and bigger as it collects snow.

The Snowball Effect is not only restricted to pscyhology either, it is also used in personal finance and aerospace engineering. In personal finance one can find the term ‘debt snowball’ and in aersopace engineering snowball effect describes the multiplication effect in an original weight saving.