In the late eighteenth century, one man rocked the world of medical science with an astounding theory. This man was Franz Mesmer, a german physician came up with a unique and interesting theory called Animal Magnetism.

Mesmer believed that there was an invisible fluid present in the human body and throughout nature which obeyed the laws of magnetism. This invisible fluid’s flow when hindered due to the presence of obstacles led to diseases. These diseases can only be cured by crises. In order to restore the personal fluid flow, Mesmer devised a number of therapeutic treatments to achieve harmonious fluid flow. One thing to note that this theory and treatment is quite similiar to ancient chinese medical treatment of Qigong and many analogies have been drawn between the two.

In 1784, King Louis XVI requested a comission to investigate animal magnestim theory. Though this comission investigated the presence of an invisible magnetic fluid in the human body and not whether Mesmer’s therapeutic treatments actually worked, this comssion was unable to draw any conclusive evidence. Since then animal magnetism theory has remained a pseudoscience.

But what if Mesmer was not completely wrong? What if there did existed an invisible fluid that had magnetic properties or atleast something similiar to it. We are aware that our body is riddled with a network of nerve cells or neurons. The funtion of these neurons is to transmit messages and they do that through electrical impulses. According to Biot-Savart or Ampere’s law, a conductor carrying current creates a closed line magnetic field.

So was Mesmer really right? More research is required on this subject. After all, “the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”.