Road rage is aggresive behaviour displayed by the driver of avehicle in the form of cursing, dangerous driving even physical violence aimed at another driver who has been perceived to cause a slight or insult to the driver. Data gathered by indicates that 66% of recent traffic fatalities can be linked to aggressive driving.

According to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that examined police records nationally, there have been over 1,200 incidents of road rage reported per year in the United States, a number of which have ended with serious injuries or even fatalities.

In Delhi, senior police officials have stated that in 2013, 36 road rage incidents were reported and in 2014 till August, there were already more than 20 cases registered. The PCR receives almost 10-12 calls every day on minor scuffles on the roads of Delhi.

So why do people succumb to road rage againa nd again. Yes stress is a factor, but everyone experiences stress, however not everyone shoots the guy in the head who put a scratch in the car. Then is there something else? Yes, there is.

It is safe to assume that when an individual drives his car he is already some or the other kind of stress. When that individual is already under stress and experiences some kind of minor traffic accident or even a misperceived slight that individual is placed under even more stress. This much stress causes the activation of the sympathtic nervous system(SNS). The sympathetic nervous system is a survival mechanism in us that is activated in times of extreme stress. The activation of the SNS leads to the blood in the digestive system to be redirected to the muscles, elevated heart and breathing rate, secretion of adrenaline etc. The hippocampus also activates the flight or fight response. Individuals with their SNS activated will experience tunnel vision and are limited in their thinking patterns. Such an individual is easily provoked resulting in road rage.

Hence if you want to avoid road rage please bear the following things in mind. Listen to calm, relaxing music. Drive slowly, if you fear that you will get late then please leave early. Most of all, if you do get into an accident then just say sorry, regardless whose fault it is. Your humility will definetly calm the other person.