If you are a small start up or a big organization, this one trick can help improve your recruitment process for sales to ensure that you get the best man for the job.

Ask yourselves this question, what is the most important quality a salesperson needs?



Charisma is a special quality or magnetism that draws other people to you. It is a special magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure.(Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary).

So how can we measure charisma?

That’s where ACT jumps in.

ACT or Affectionate Communication Test, developed by Dr. Howard Friedman was initially developed to measure non verbal expressiveness. But as more research and experimentation was done it became clear that the ACT was a good, quick measure for personal charisma.

ACT has already been adapted and in use by many businesses and firms. You can find more about Dr. Friedman’s work on his website;


Or if you want to use his test or its derivatives you can contact Dr. Friedman via email at Howard.Friedman@ucr.edu

So what are you waiting for?