Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive human traits and qualities like generosity, optimism, courage, hope etc. It takes a different approach from traditional approaches to psychology which is focused on psychopathology.

In a nutshell, positive psychology is the science of happiness.

Positive psychology has its roots from humanistic psychology of the 20th century, which focused heavily on happiness and fulfilment. It’s development has been heavily influenced by  greek philosophy and western religion.

I believe positive psychology has a huge scope in unlocking human potential and making lives more happy and meaningful. Positive psychology can be used to help communities become more altruistic and generous. It can be used in organizations to inculcate the qualities of resilience and courage.

In the words of Martin Seligman,

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Positive psychology is a new movement in modern psychology which aims to unlock the secrets of leading a more happy and meaningful life. Let’s all usher it with open arms!