Hey guys, first of all I would really like to thank all those people who read and follow my blogs. It is you guys who motivate me to keep blogging. Secondly, I want this post and the ones that immediately follow to be a little different; I want you guys to be interactive. That means if you have any questions, doubts or advice please comment down below, everyone’s opinion is appreciated.

Today, you and me are going to go on a journey, a journey to become more intelligent. So without further ado, let’s just get to it!

So first of all we have to understand what intelligence is and why we want to become more intelligent.

Intelligence is defined as the ability to learn from one’s experiences, acquire knowledge, and use resources effectively in adapting to new situations or solving problems( Sternberg & Kaufman, 1998; Wechsler, 1975).

Now, why do we all want to be more intelligent? Highly intelligent people are seen as having more success amd satisfaction than the average. They make better decisions and are percieved as having better lives in general.

Ok! We know the definition of intelligence and we know why we want to be more intelligent so how do I become more intelligent? 

Many of you reading this must already be thinking, but that’s absurd, we cannot become more intelligent as our Intelligent Quotient(IQ) is genetically determined and fixed from birth, and you know what, I totally agree! Years of research by psychologists into intelligence have made one thing clear; genetics predict IQ.

But is IQ the same as the intelligence we want. Does IQ determine success in life?

Apparently it does not.

For example, the longitudinal study conducted by Lewis Terman which tracked the lives of ‘highly intelligent individuals’ to understand whether intelligence and success are synonomous found out that the more succesful men; who earned more money, had better careers, healthier and less likely to be divorced or alcoholics were more goal oriented, more persistent and had more confidence.

Though the study was marred with a number of flaws. It did point out that intelligence or more importantly IQ is not the single determinant for success. (Though Terman did not select participants of the study through IQ tests, he considered them on the basis of recommendations from teachers and prinicpals, who in turn must have judged the participants based on their academic success. It is a well established fact, IQ has a strong correlation with academic success. Which is why I am assuming that Terman’s termites had high IQs).

Many psychologists have openely asked this question, and in turn, proposed a multiple theory of intelligences like Howard Gardner(1993) and Sternberg(1988, 1997).

So returning back to our definition of intelligence and our reason to become more intelligent. Our aim is to gain intelligence which improves our lives. 

I propose tha we not only consider IQ, but creativity, memory, concentration and better decison making also as part of our defintion intelligence. All of which, is scientifically proven to be improved through sincerity and diligence.

So guys, this post has already gotten really long. I will be continuing our(yours and mine) journey to become more intelligent in the next part. See ya till then!